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1)  After working at USC Hospital, I became very ill with a mysterious illness that baffled doctors.  Not only did I not know what was wrong with me, my symptoms were so severe that I could not work for six months.  My hands and feet became paralyzed, I was hallucinating, and I became bed-ridden.  I was very scared.  After six months of the mystery illness, I was starting to give up hope.  Seven doctors and thousands of dollars later, I was still confused and as sick as ever.  I came to Honolulu Chiropractor Dr. Michael Noghrey of International Family Chiropractic to see if he could help my numbness in my hands and feet.  Not only did he help me with this, to my surprise he told me he could help with my mysterious illness.  He introduced me to a technique called CranioBiotic Technique (CBT).  Through this method we realized that what had happened to me was that I had contracted a brain virus.  He was able to apply pressure to certain meridians to stimulate them and help boost my immune system.  A second visit to him entailed another series of CBT tests that revealed that my condition had reversed itself.  My healing experience was so fast, effective, and low in cost, that my only remaining wish after that was that I wish I had come to him in the first place.  Thank you Dr. Noghrey.

Christine Lawson