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"After going through a long period of pain in my lower back and both legs, the options of dealing with the pain medically were: 1) using drugs for extended periods of time; 2) epidural steroid injections; 3) surgery. I felt there must be other options before the final procedure of surgery so began researching with the assistance of my daughters. They agree that I should try spinal subluxation or decompression before any surgery is done. 

Medical science has done wonders in the past ten years, but one has to conceive medical science is still on a lot of experimental stages, and one cannot discount the science of Chiropractic care as an important option. Surgery may solve numerous problems, but is in itself "final"and you cannot re-do what has been taken away and should be a final option. The most natural way is always the best way, and should be made an option. Chiropractic care most definitely is an option to be considered and should not be discounted. An attempt to use this care should receive priority in seeking good health care, where ever a problem exists.

      I have referred several of my family members and friends who have lagging pains, taking medications for extended periods of time to chiropractic care, some of whom have gone through physical therapy, acupuncture , laser and injection treatments, to seek chiropractic care, many of whom have had long term back ailments, have had surgery that have not been as successful as anticipated, some of them whom have said they just have to accept the fact that the pains will be lifetime.  I believe it just doesn't have to be just accepted. It is worth just taking a little bit of a personal time to just make the little time to have a chiropractic consultation and it cannot hurt you and you may actually feel 100% better in helping yourself."

Ken Young, 1 August 2010